03 Jan 2013

The proposal-Part 2

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When we arrived to the place, our friend Paul was waiting outside the valet parking with his friends. Paul nicely dressed in a suit which made me a bit curious, but it was just my mind going 100mph. We said hi and what not, then Paul said he would show us the view from upstairs. The view, not so pretty or romantic. The tide was so high water was almost reaching sidewalks, and a wind that could knock down trees; not so pretty or romantic like I said. As we headed upstairs in the elevator, Paul complimented our attire and explaining he was just coming from work. My mind was at ease. We arrived at the floor which it was like a loft area in the building, Paul opens the door and disappears! At that moment, my mind started going everywhere. Jonathan leads me inside to find red roses petals on the floors, pillows, slow music, apple cider. My conservative-self reacts, and embarrassingly I tell Jonathan that we have to get married first! Yes, I said it. Jonathan laughed and he said “trust me, come”. He literally, pulled me. I sat down on soft, big pillow. I looked around rapidly, that is when it started….. I saw a small, silver, shiny jewelery box then I looked up and saw a huge camera taking pictures of me and I started crying like it was nobody’s business. Jonathan chocked, and popped the question “would you marry me?” I couldn’t believe it!! This was it!! Between catching my breath, I said YES!
Honestly after reflecting on this meaningful day, I learned that being in a relationship you have to be selfless. Jonathan prepared this day with things he knows I love to do. He could of done something he loves/likes to do but he chose to make ME happy. That says a lot. In fact, it says so much that I want to spend my whole life with him :)
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27 Oct 2012

The Proposal

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4 weeks have passed since my fiancé got in one knee asking my hand in marriage. I finally have the time to sit down to write my very first post, very excited! Many have asked to tell all about the proposal, but honestly after telling the story to the first few people got a little tiring. It’s quite a long story- at least for me since it took almost all day for Jonathan to pop the question. 
Those who know my fiancé know how intentional and detailed Jonathan can be. He had a whole day full of activities planned for October 27, 2012 just a day before our 1 year anniversary- as boyfriend and girlfriend that is. 
Here it goes….. 
Two weeks prior the proposal, Jonathan randomly said let’s go to the mall. Of course I did not say anything contrary so off we went. In the car he gave me instructions, he said: Lucy, you have ________ to spend on two different outfits; one for the beach and one for a casual attire. I was not happy with the idea of buying a beach outfit in fall, but I  bought it anyways. On our way back he said, I will keep these outfits and I will not give them to you until further notice. I was mortified! I wanted my casual outfit! 
Jonathan and I attend Potential Church- you should check it out! On October 25-26 was the yearly women’s conference held by our very own Pastor Stephanie Gramling. It was a 2 day conference and it was life changing. Well, on that Friday Jonathan tells me I’m allowed to wear my casual outfit he bought for me and to be ready at 10:00am. I rapidly thought “he is crazy, it’s Saturday!” 
Next day 9:40 ready to do my hair and head out, he calls and says ” I made an appointment with your hair dresser, there’s no need for you to do your hair”. I was so happy, I couldn’t believe it! I continued getting ready. I had bought him his favorite cologne and a pair of diamond earrings, so I quickly placed them in a gift bag. 
As we departed from the hair appointment, already in the car, I told Jonathan to close his eyes and to give me his hand. Placing a small Tiffany jewelry box in his hands, I decided to prank my boyfriend. As he opened his eyes, I asked him “what are your plans for the rest of your life?” Boy, he cried! I told him that he was taking too long, and if he would marry me? With the look of his eyes, watery and troubled I opened the box, it was a prank it was the diamond earrings. By the way he was breathing I knew he was relieved. He patted my back and said very well played, Lucy. 
After a hug and watery eyes, he had another surprise for me- we were going to an Art Museum in Miami! He knew how bad I wanted to go to a museum, but not in Downtown Miami.  I am a Miami girl there’s no doubt in that but I just strongly dislike going to downtown, my blood pressure goes up and I just can’t stand it. 
By the time we got to downtown, I was miserable and extremely obnoxious. I wanted to go home, sleep, watch Gossip Girls on Netflix and have a bowl of soup. Grateful that after that episode, Jonathan still asked me to marry him.
Around 3PM on the road we are once again. This time I nicely asked my fiancé, then boyfriend, to please go eat and go home and relax. His answer was “no, I booked an appointment with los chinitos”. I did not turn that down, a girl always needs to have their mani and pedi done! 
As I sat in that chair getting my pedicure, thought tot myself- “this boy had the whole day planned out and it’s been all about me, I am so grateful to have such an amazing boyfriend.” Thanking and praising God for Jonathan.
It was 5:30pm ready to relax and just spend quality time with him. He says “change to your beach outfit, we are going to the beach.” I looked at him silly saying “who goes to the beach after a tropical storm watch?  It’s windy and just not the right time to go the beach” He said “lets watch the sunset from a building so don’t change outfit” that was a better idea! 
Just as we take off, Jonathan starts putting an address on his navigation to Sunny Isles. “Well, hello” I said  ”can’t we just go to Ft. Lauderdale beach? We can have ice cream. Jonathan had better plans, obviously.
We begin to approach a familiar place, it’s our friend Paul’s home! Very fancy place by the way.
I recognize this place, Jonathan says we will use Paul’s free parking. At that point Jonathan was unsure of what else to say….
to be continued……..